MURICKENS GROUP Since 1975  

Murickens group has been engaged in the field of real estate and electronic business since 1975. The Group started business in the heart of Kaduthuruthy which is in the northern region of Kottayam Kerala, State. In real estate field we are known as Murickens Real Estate and in the field of electronics we have two registered brand names like Flyline and MG. We have been holding these brand names since first January 01, 1992. Our Flyline registered trade mark is like. Each and every products have been developed with the aim of saving power. Low maintenance cost, international quality and at competitive price. Our first Flyline branded products are home inverter, off-line ups, dish antenna and step up transformer. Now we have a variety of Flyline branded electronic and electrical products like Solar Inverter, Electronic Inverter, Sine Wave Inverter, Solar DC Systems, Online UPS, Offline UPS, 110V Step-down Transformer, Stabilizers, Batteries, Step-up Transformer, Solar Lantern, Solar Street Light, Video Coach Inverter and UPS cum Inverter etc.

We have thousands of satisfied customers all over the world especially in the electronic field in Kerala and outside Kerala, we give each and every products of us are guaranteed for their quality and we assure our customers of good, after, sales service. We have a team of engineers that work on developing new products and provide unbeatable support for every products (24x7 support). Now we have branch office in different district of Kerala and out side Kerala for any information. Murickens MG products range includes deep-freezers, solar water heater, water cooler, mobile mortuaries, servo stabilizer, air conditioner etc.


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